Sunday, December 26, 2010

You damp , You great

Heyy- loo
hurmm , yesterday was christmas eve right ? haih , I wonder how much presents they got who celebrated the eve. Should be fun right ? :B

Today , my dad back home from outstation at Portugal , Dubai and London. But my dad not buying me many things . How sad am I , huhu :( Just buying me a T-shirts with my capital name in. Anyway , i'm appreciate it dad , :D hee , Today also I waited a postman came to my house . How damp -____- although the name " Post Laju " haih , haha . Actually I waited something that I ordered online reach home. haih , I think I can't wait anymore . Just imagine , I paid on Tuesday two weeks ago . It says, it would arrive in just three days. but ? haih , haha ;D

- Now , It's 10.00 p.m. already :) Still watching Suzuki Cup , WOHHOOO !! Go Malaysia , teehee :D
Malaysia 3 vs Indonesia 0

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