Thursday, December 23, 2010

Totally hate it -_-

haihh -,- long time no see mehh , Today was the worst day ever. But sorry can't shared it duhh. Privacy mehh ;D haih , what can I say today i'm embarrassing myself or maybe being humiliated . heee other story jomm !

Wohho , today my bro got his PMR result. Yeah :) So , I went to my bro school. Actually I dont want to go but what to do I'm continued toooooo be forced -_____- a looooooooong *sigh. So when we enter I saw Nawal sis crying . dunno got a good result or another. But Nawal sis seriously she's pretty :D So walked around with a lazy motion and wait my bro taking the result .

brotha : " ibu, ni " with a puppy dog eyes
mum : " haih , tujuh je ?"
me : " wakakaka , abang nak nangis !!! "
sistaa : "hey , shut laa ! "

haha , do i'm too bad in the conversation ? no no my brothaa not crying , well good boy :D So , after all finished we go to another place.
hehe , hope so my brothaa not reading this post. if you read ponn just read this " Congrats ! " can you ? hihi :)

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