Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Hello , Holidays begin now . Wohhho :D I 've finished my exam last week . So its feel great. Don't care about the results :B heee.....

Although the holiday started , I'm not going somewhere. But , I guess this friday I 'll goes to Pahang Darul Makmur . chehwaah. *_* am I right PAHANG DARUL MAKMUR ? - for cousin weddings. By the way , yesterday , i'm going to Amirah's house with Nawal , Izni and Tahira. hihi - actually they doing their Geography Tempatan Form 1 thinggy with their group. But i'm joined them too while i'm in another group :D hee... picture ? nahh , ==' forgot to brang camera there and we used Amirah's camera :D So , no picture in my blog ;)

Happy Holidays Humans :D

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